Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bonjour Toulouse!

*I'll add pictures once I get internet going to my phone.*

Brittney (my sorority sister and travel buddy) and I made it to Toulouse without a problem!  The process couldn't have been any easier.  Our only regret is that we didn't stay long enough in London to leave Heathrow airport. We found our host university right away in the Toulouse airport.  We are at the university now trying to get used to the time adjustment and get rid of sleep deprivation courtesy of our transatlantic flight. Brittney and I fell asleep soon after getting here, so we haven't gotten the chance to see the city properly yet.  Maybe we'll get out and do some walking tomorrow to make up for all the sitting we did on those flights!

Our second and significantly shorter flight was great.  We sat behind a British family with two toddlers and played with them throughout the flight. Brittney asked the older of the two children, the girl, if she was going to have fun in France.  The little girl told Brittney that she said France wrong, then tried to teach her the right way to say it.  Trying to explain to her that we were from far away and had funny accents proved to be quite entertaining.

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